Good Business Information ManagementPASS®

Information And Data Are Your Company’s Lifeblood

With so much information being created, distributed, and stored by hundreds, if not thousands of your employees daily, getting it wrong is not an option.

Our Good Business Information Management – PASS® course provides a practical approach that your employees can follow to understand how each document and communication that they create and manage should be thoughtfully considered and handled to ensure compliance with information management best practices.

Help your employees PASS®

Purpose-Driven | Acceptable | Sensible | Secure

About the Course

Good Business information Management – PASS®

The Good Business Information Management course provides employees with practical guidance to meet legal and business expectations when creating, sending, or storing business documents and communications. The course utilizes real-world scenarios and a four-part plan represented by the letters P-A-S-S (“PASS”®) to help employees understand and recall how documents and communications should be Purpose-driven, Acceptable, Sensible, and Secure. The course also includes our PASS® Guide, a job aid designed to help employees stop and think before creating, sending, and storing business information.